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The Official Announcement

Born from the merger of Rozas Ward and ACSW, AQ Studios Architecture is a tale of unity between two architectural firms. Our shared values and passion for creating meaningful spaces led us to join forces, leveraging our combined expertise to better serve our clients and communities. Welcome to our journey, where we’re not just architects, but storytellers and problem solvers, committed to building the future.

Delve into our comprehensive press kit, featuring professionally taken headshots of AQ Studios’ visionary leaders, alongside a gallery of our standout projects that exemplify our architectural excellence. The kit also includes a variety of our logo designs, reflecting the new face of our brand. Completing the package is our detailed press release, offering an insightful narrative on the merger and the exciting road ahead for AQ Studios.

Press Release


AQ Studios: A New Architectural Vision for Louisiana and Beyond

Lafayette & New Orleans, LA – 2/1/ 2024 – AQ Studios, the exciting new face in architecture, has emerged from the merger of Louisiana’s architectural titans, ACSW (Lafayette) and Rozas Ward (New Orleans). This fusion is set to redefine the architectural boundaries in Louisiana and beyond, offering a blend of innovation, cultural richness, and urban sophistication.

ACSW, renowned for iconic designs like River Ranch, Lafayette High School, and the University of Louisiana’s Our Lady of Lourdes Stadium, brings its legacy of groundbreaking design and a focus on community-enhancing architecture. Rozas Ward complements this with its portfolio of culturally rich projects like the Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center and The Kalorama Condominiums. This merger marks a pivotal moment in the architectural industry, combining decades of expertise and vision. AQ Studios will continue to operate out of their locations in New Orleans and Lafayette, as well as their satellite office in Lake Charles.

The merger is celebrated by both firms as a natural and symbiotic union. Eric Crozier, a principal architect at ACSW and the new AQ Studios, expresses enthusiasm: “This merger is a culmination of a growing relationship that has blossomed organically over two years. It’s an exciting new chapter that promises to amplify our capabilities, expand our geographic reach, and provide our talented staff with unprecedented growth opportunities.”

Charlie Ward, of Rozas Ward and now a principal architect at AQ Studios, shares his excitement: “Our merger is a celebration of strength and adaptability. It’s about building on our legacy and ensuring our designs meet the evolving needs of our clients and communities.”

AQ Studios is set to leave its mark across various sectors, notably in educational, healthcare, and civic architecture. The firm pledges to uphold the high standards and client-focused approach that defined ACSW and Rozas Ward, while pushing the boundaries to create not just functional spaces, but also sources of inspiration and community pride.

As AQ Studios embarks on this new journey, it remains dedicated to transforming visions into architectural realities, crafting spaces that celebrate culture and community, and shaping the architectural landscape of Louisiana, and beyond, for generations to come.

About AQ Studios

Based in the heart of Louisiana, with offices in Lafayette, New Orleans, and Lake Charles, AQ Studios is the result of a strategic merger between ACSW and Rozas Ward, two architectural powerhouses known for their innovation and community-driven designs. This newly formed architecture firm is poised to make a significant impact in the realms of educational, healthcare, and civic architecture, while catering to a diverse range of clients.

At AQ Studios, the commitment is not just to build structures, but to craft spaces that embody purpose, inspire communities, and resonate with the needs and aspirations of the people they serve. The firm stands as a beacon of architectural excellence, blending a rich heritage with a forward-looking approach to design.

For further details and insights into the transformative world of AQ Studios, or to schedule an interview or a discussion, please reach out to Madeline Williams at [email protected] or 337-235-8016. 


I Symbiotic Symphony

Architectural Quotient

Amplified Qualities

"Symbiotic Symphony" is more than a phrase - it's a testament to our journey. Rooted in the theme of 'Architectural Fusion', it mirrors the unity we've found in merging our unique expertise, amplifying our capabilities and creating a stronger, more comprehensive whole.
From the heart of New Orleans to the energetic streets of Lafayette, the spirit of our distinct origins converge here. Like a well-orchestrated symphony, our individual strengths play in perfect harmony, resonating in every design, every project, and every interaction.
Our interpretation, "Amplified Qualities", reflects this powerful synergy. It speaks to the increased capabilities and strengths we've developed as a result of our union. It symbolizes our commitment to not only maintain our individual strengths but to amplify them, creating a force that is greater and more capable than ever before.
"Symbiotic Symphony" is the rhythm to which we move - a rhythm that echoes our joint aspiration to create meaningful spaces that inspire and endure. It's the melody of our journey, a testament to our shared values, and a nod to our future - a future where we continue to transform our clients' dreams into tangible realities. Welcome to AQ Studios Architecture, where every note we play is in service of creating a harmonious world.

II Temporal Tapestry

Architectural Quotient

Aeonian Quintessence

"Temporal Tapestry" marries the aeonian essence of architecture's past with the innovative spirit of its future. This theme is the heartbeat of AQ Studios Architecture, where the quintessence of design meets the timeless journey of creating spaces.
Through our merger, we embody "Aeonian Quintessence" — a commitment to crafting a legacy that endures across ages, blending deep-rooted traditions with forward-looking visions. This fusion lays the foundation for architectural endeavors that resonate with timeless relevance and excellence.
Guided by "Temporal Tapestry," we navigate the delicate balance between honoring architectural heritages and embracing future possibilities. Our creations strive to be more than just structures; they aim to be enduring landmarks of unmatched quality, standing as testaments to the infinite potential of thoughtful design.
Welcome to AQ Studios, where every line drawn and space created contributes to a legacy of "Aeonian Quintessence." Here, architecture transcends time, weaving together the past and future into a lasting narrative of beauty and functionality.

III Communal Canvas 4/1/24

IV ?

AQ: What We Do

If we did it before, we do it (better) now. And more…

Carrying forward the legacy of Rozas Ward and ACSW, AQ Studios Architecture offers an enhanced level of service, embracing all facets of your architectural project. We manage everything, from preliminary planning to the detailed execution of interiors, ensuring a seamless and effective process. Now, we’re not just continuing what we’ve always done, but doing it better and offering even more. With AQ Studios, you’re partnering with a team that makes your vision a reality.


  • Architecture
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Interiors


  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Civic
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Multi-Family
  • Historic Renovation

Featured Project

Featured project already? Absolutely! ACSW and Rozas Ward have been collaboratively creating architectural wonders since 2021. This partnership sparked the dynamic synergy that led to the formation of AQ Studios.

Ochsner Medical Center Children’s Hospital Addition.


At a Glance

  • New, distinct entrance for Ochsner Children’s Hospital on Jefferson Highway, enhancing pediatric service consolidation.
  • RW+ACSW team’s 30% contribution includes design of Emergency, Trauma, Imaging, and Support Services, plus bridge connection and site planning.
  • Collaborative completion with prime architect Hellmuth, Obata, & Kassabaum Inc.

The Problem

The design team faced a significant challenge in creating the new inpatient Children’s Hospital. The goal was to develop it as a “free-standing” facility, yet it needed to have its own distinct public identity at the Jefferson Highway Campus. This was a complex task considering the need to integrate it seamlessly into an existing medical campus.

The Solution

To address this, the design was strategically organized. The team envisioned the facility as an independent campus, making it publicly recognizable and distinct. At the same time, they capitalized on the existing medical campus’s extensive expertise, support, and synergies. This approach allowed for the leveraging of shared resources while maintaining the hospital’s unique character.

Furthermore, the transition to the existing campus was meticulously planned. The design delineated public, pediatric, and private zones, each maintaining consistent but separate identities. This careful zoning ensured that while the new hospital was integrated into the larger campus, it retained its own unique presence and functionality. This solution perfectly balanced the need for a distinct identity with the benefits of being part of a larger, established medical facility.

How We Found Our True North

The AQ Studios Merger Branding Story. One with substance.

Discover the fusion of excellence in AQ Studios’ brand story. Uniting Rozas Ward and ACSW’s legacies, we’ve created something extraordinary. Watch the video and see how we got here.

Discovering Our Roots: Merging legacies, creating identity.

Crafting Our Strategy: Creating a unified foundation.

“AQ”: The meaning behind the moniker.

The Logo: Not just a logomark, a future proof system.

Creating Our Visual Identity: A bold new look for the future.

Living Our Brand: Flying our new flag.

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